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Specialty Retractable Products
in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut

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Specialty Retractable Products
in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut

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Specialty Retractable Products
in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut

Protecting You From Sunlight, Weather, & More

Ensure your home or business has adequate protection from brutal summer sunlight, pounding wind and rain, and other hazards of outdoor exposure. Retractable Solutions Inc makes each client’s safety and comfort are priorities whenever we sell and install specialty retractable products in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable awning, shade, and storm protection experts is here to serve your needs, whether they include making your back porch more livable in August whether or safeguarding your retail location against hurricanes. Let us help you enjoy the outdoors and feel safe from nature’s more turbulent elements.

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Our Collection of Retractable Products for Sale

If you need high-quality solutions for shade and protection at your home or business, Retractable Solutions Inc has a wide selection of retractable products. Phantom screens are an effective and discreet way to screen out the outdoor elements at your patio entry and other outside areas. A new awning keeps the blaring sunlight and sudden rainfall from ruining your time outside with options that expand when you need them and retract when you don’t. Solar shades give you relief from the sun’s blinding rays, and we offer various sections, including those made with eco-friendly materials. For storm protection, let us sell you durable hurricane protection slats from Rollac, made with extruded aluminum slates or foam-filled aluminum slats. We also offer entryway doors from Masonite, known worldwide for its customer service, manufacturing excellence, and product innovation.

We Sell & Install Retractable Screens, Shutters & Awnings

Our company is an industry leader selling and installing retractable screening solutions with exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. Our installers have all been trained at our Rhode Island dealership or at Phantom Mfg, and they are certified to install Phantom Retractable Screens. We are also a proud dealer of durable Rollac storm and hurricane shutters to keep you comfortable and protect you from inclement weather. Our team specializes in sales and installation for residential and commercial clientele, always providing an exceptional experience with stellar customer service and first-class workmanship. We’re a trusted dealer of lateral retractable awnings from various manufacturers, and we’re members of the National Association of Home Builders and the RI Building Association.

Retractable Solutions Inc Serves Rhode Island Properties

Retractable Solutions Inc is ready to serve your shade and protection needs at home or work. We offer a wide array of safety and comfort solutions with quality installations to ensure they’re set up correctly and ready to use right away. If you’re ready to keep your property safeguarded against the elements, we welcome your questions and provide expert guidance on which products you need.

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