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Retractable Solutions Inc Offers Retractable Awnings

Retractable Solutions Inc has you covered at home or your business by selling and installing retractable awnings in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Our patio awnings and retractable deck awnings provide unsurpassed quality, shade, and protection. We offer options to suit your style, including manually operated awnings and push-button motorized models, all at affordable and discounted prices and better quality than canvas awnings. You’ll enjoy the cover and shade our durable, waterproof awning fabric provides in various beautiful decorator awning color choices. Our selection includes window awnings, Easyshades, and a wide assortment of a deck, patio, and awning accessories. You won’t find all these features, benefits, and value in any other home awning.

Awnings at backyard

Benefits of Installing an Awning at Your Home

Having an awning at your home or business offers many benefits to your comfort and protection. A retractable awning turns your patio or deck into a shady semi-permanent outdoor living space, where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends. It also protects your family and guests from the hot sun and keeps them cool. Passing showers and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays no longer endanger your outdoor leisure time. Our awnings provide better protection from raindrops and harmful rays than an umbrella or other shading devices. The temperature under one of our retractable awnings can be as much as 20 degrees cooler.

retractable awning

Enjoy Smooth & Dependable Awning Operation

Every awning we sell and install retracts against your home or business whenever you decide to enjoy the bright sunlight. The electric motorized awnings open and close quietly, smoothly, and effortlessly in a matter of seconds by touching a button or using an optional remote control. We can install awnings over any type of siding, and they also fit and work under overhangs and low eaves. You can keep your awning on your home year-round. Just retract it in the winter, instead of having to take it down.

Add Shade & Comfort to Your Rhode Island Home

Don’t settle for a cheap knock-off or ordinary awning. With Retractable Solutions Inc’s selection of awnings, there’s no need to compromise on protection, easy operation, features, or beauty. We encourage you to compare one of our awnings to any other options on the market. We remain prominent in terms of durability, cost, ease of use, and ease of installation. You will not find a better-made or higher-quality awning with a better value anywhere, especially at our impressive discount prices.

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